The reason for my absence

Where am I?

I am just going to write a little explanation here. I want to apologize for the lack of content in late August and September. I have my reasons, and I am very excited to tell you everything. I have two announcements that will summarize very quick.

I moved to Tampa!

I am going to be working with Tampa City Ballet, a new company founded by Paula Nuñez that will seek to serve the community. After my former ballet mistress, Luana Hidalgo called me to audition, I was invited to stay. The repertoire will be more modern and contemporary, which is a whole new world for me, and traditional classical productions will also be included. I will be learning new styles of dance, exploring new things about my abilities and discovering new movements. It will definitely be a challenge to work in these different styles, but I know this knowledge will serve me in the future.  I am very excited and thankful to be part of this new project.

I started college!

College and university studies are very controversial among dancers. But, if Tamara Rojo and Steven McRae have their degrees, why can’t I do it?

I love to study and learn new things. I am determined to have my degree in Mass Communications or Journalism. Who knows, I might get a minor in Dance or Art History. I am starting with online classes, but since I am staying in a student community here in Tampa, I decided to apply to University of South Florida (two minutes from my complex). I am eager to see where my educational path takes me.

Once again, I am very sorry for the lack of content. Between the move (which took me three weeks to make a decision, deciding where to stay, pack and go), Hurricane Irma preparations, the start of online classes AND the new routines, I was very overwhelmed and with absolutely no time to dedicate myself to Claudia’s Journal.

Stay tuned for more posts to come!


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